Who are we ?

We are a company that specializes in creating business solutions in a form of WordPress themes. With 8 years under our belt we’re one of the oldest companies in the business and have helped thousands in creating their dream website.

Why Divi Theme Center?

What makes divithemecenter stand out is the unique approach to theme development. In a time where most companies choose either design or functionality, we aim to bring best of both worlds. As a result, our themes both work and look the part eliminating the need for any additional plugins or extensions.

divithemecenter started in Surat, India with just a handful of programmers and designers. Our goal was to make the process of creating a website easy, straightforward and affordable. The same mindset is applied to our latest themes as well. Today the company has over 15 employees spanning across three different continents.

  • Your theme is Designed, Customized, and Developed by Experienced Web Development Professionals
  • You’ll Get top-of-the-line, Expert-Level Support From Our Experienced Technical Services Team
  • Get Personalized Attention and Support from the Developers Who Built These Themes Themselves

What do people say about us?

To know what people say about us, you can check out reviews we’ve been getting from our valued customers. You can also visit our showcase where you’ll find websites built using our WordPress theme.

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